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Our Strategy

Following the call of the APAARI General Assembly that took place in 2014 to revisit the APAARI Vision 2025, and reprioritize its activities to meet the needs of the changing development context, APAARI developed its Vision 2030.

Vision 2030 outlines the Association’s vision for strengthened research and innovations for sustainable agricultural development beyond 2015. The Vision aligns to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and suggests strategic directions for the future of AFRIS development in the region.

The Vision also provides a basic framework for developing APAARI Strategic Plan 2017-2022, overall goal and mission, as well as an indication for the Association’s future strategies and operational plans. 

The Strategic Plan 2017-2022, developed in 2016, creates a road map through which APAARI and its partners and stakeholders can collectively contribute to the realization of the APAARI Vision 2030 and many of the SDGs. All strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan respond to the changing needs experienced in the agri-food system of the Asia-Pacific region and have been developed in consultation with members and partners.

APAARI identified four Thematic Areas and expected development outcomes that provide the Association with the focus for developing its portfolio of projects and activities within its four programme areas. The thematic thrusts will enable APAARI to link with development pathways and will require collective efforts of APAARI members, partners and other stakeholders.

APAARI’s Key Programmes and its Cross-Cutting Areas  are aligned with the four themes and their development outcomes. Through these programmes, APAARI seeks to strengthen Agri-food research and innovation systems.