About APAARI membership

According to the Constitution of APAARI, membership in the Association shall be open to national agricultural research institutions, councils, organizations and universities from countries of the region, as well as ARD fora in other regions, etc. In countries where agricultural research is handled directly by a government department, the relevant unit/bureau will be eligible to become a member of the Association. Membership in the Association may be sought by submitting an application to the Executive Secretary and approved by the Chairman of the Association.

Benefits from the membership

The strong links and partnerships with national agricultural research and innovation systems, and between national, regional and global stakeholders that APAARI possess and facilitates, benefit its members in terms of knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration. Capitalizing on these connections, APAARI creates and facilitates opportunities for discussion, knowledge exchange and policy dialogue among its members, partners and other stakeholders to influence the development agenda in the Asia-Pacific region. APAARI also facilitates participation of its members, including those disadvantaged ones, in conferences, symposia, workshops and key capacity development programmes to enable them to address key national issues facing agri-food systems, and highlight agri-food innovations and solutions for the benefit of small farmers, at the regional and global fora.

Members’ duties

APAARI members are expected to contribute to the realization of the APAARI Vision 2030 and collective actions to strengthen agri-food research and innovation systems. In addition to their financial commitment to APAARI, their contribution is in the form of sharing of knowledge and experiences with agricultural innovations, policies and development models that could be scaled up and out in other countries and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of the region.