On the 12th April 2022, APAARI and CoSAI hosted a dialogue with the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) institutions of the Asia-Pacific. The dialogue focussed on CoSAI’s recently developed tool on “Applying the Principles for Innovation in Sustainable Agri-Food Systems to enhance the impact of innovations” with a particular focus on the role of NARS actors in utilising these principles. 

Previous CoSAI evidence identified national governments as the most significant global investor in innovation for future food systems. In line with this finding, Dr Ravi Khetarpal, APAARI’s Executive Secretary, emphasised that “as NARS are the key players in innovation investment, APAARI aims to encourage and support NARS championing the Principles in the region as a way to enhance the significant investment that is already occurring”.

The eight Principles focus on innovation processes and outcomes. They are a tool that guides organisations in including often neglected environmental and social objectives in their work, including those around food and nutrition security. The Principles seek to promote systems thinking and build transparency, which is critical for being able to steer investments in future food systems. When adopted, the Principles help organisations stay ahead of the innovation curve — keeping up with best practice and concretely demonstrating how the innovation is contributing to equitable, sustainable agri-food systems.

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