A publication entitled “Biosafety Regulations of Asia-Pacific Countries” was brought out in 2008 by APCoAB. The compilation detailed regulations existing in 39 countries of Asia and the Pacific and addressed the need for a consolidated document on biosafety regulatory systems of the region.
Over the past six years since its publication, new developments have taken place in a number of Asia-Pacific countries with respect to framing and implementation of biosafety regulations and other related areas. Besides, new scientific knowledge and tools have been developed that address some of the safety concerns related to GM products. “Biosafety Regulations for GM Crops in Asia-Pacific”, a revised, rewritten and updated version of the previous book lists and gives brief details of the regulatory instruments comprising laws/acts/decrees/regulations/rules related to biosafety of products of biotechnology for agriculture and food existing in 48 countries of Asia and the Pacific. Original sources of country information have been included to enable access to more details, if desired. Besides, new chapters on risk analysis case studies and trade related issues have been added.
It is expected that this publication will be useful to all stakeholders in biotechnology and biosafety regulation and stimulate trans-boundary collaboration for safe access to biotechnologies and their products in the region.