Facilitating Safe Trade by Strengthening Capacities for Aflatoxin Mitigation in Food Value Chain and Addressing One Health Approach


Aflatoxins are a serious threat to food safety and a barrier to trade for many crops. It is also a well-known menace in Asia and Africa in the farmer’s field. APAARI is scoping a new project to address these food safety issues related to aflatoxin in Asia and the pacific. The APAARI Secretariat is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from qualified national agricultural research institutes (NARIs), national agricultural research organizations (NAROs), Agricultural institutions, private sectors, farmers’ organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the involvement in the project that APAARI is scoping to do in aflatoxin mitigation in Asia and the Pacific. We encourage all the interested members of APAARI to come forward with their EOIs to partner in one or more components on aflatoxin occurrence and mitigation in the food value chain. 

Interested organizations/institutes are requested to send their reply to Dr. Sasireka Rajendran, Project Manager at her email address: s.rajendran@apaari.org before 27th May 2022. The full TOR will be provided to those shortlisted for the project.

Desired Team Profile

The organization’s team will comprise a team leader and team members, with an appropriate balance of relevant technical expertise and/or outreach experience in the aflatoxin value chain in the region. The team should have a better understanding of aflatoxin management and issues in the region, and should be positively engaging in multi stakeholder interactions. The team leader will participate in briefing and debriefing meetings, discussions, field visits, and will contribute to the evaluation with written inputs depending on the nature of involvement.

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