Embracing Change: Highlights from the Funders’ Forum and Fund Council Meeting

The inaugural CGIAR Funders’ Forum and second Fund Council meeting took place in Rome, Italy, on July 14-16, 2010. Katherine Sierra, Chair of both the Funders’ Forum and the Fund Council, described the Forum as a pillar of the new CGIAR that provides an opportunity for all donors to come together with the Consortium Board, Center leadership and other stakeholders to discuss strategy and common issues.

The Forum accepted the Strategy and Results Framework submitted by the Consortium Board as a work in progress, which will be revised under the Board’s leadership within the next six months and resubmitted to donors for final endorsement once it’s ready. Sierra noted that the Forum’s very deep discussion of the Strategy and Results Framework reflected the donors and Consortium’s commitment to getting the strategy right. Consortium Board Chair Carlos Pérez del Castillo said that the Strategy and Results Framework is a crucial document that represents the identity of the reform process, and emphasized the Consortium Board’s resolve to revise the strategy to ensure it meets expectations.

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