Key representatives from research institutions and organizations working in food and nutritional security across the globe met for two days in Rome from 18-19 April 2018 to share notes and ideas on how to develop phytosanitary protocols for expediting crop germplasm exchange with special reference to that of CGIAR gene banks.

The discussion led to development of a science based phytosanitary protocol (Green Pass) that takes into account the germplasm health at various stages of its collection, evaluation and conservation. The outputs of the meeting  would be submitted to FAO to make it as an international protocol or as a best practice for a faster and smoother exchange of germplasm that would eventually expedite the development of new varieties of crops that can meet food and nutritional security in the era of climate change.

Organized by Dr.  Lava Kumar, Head of Germplasm Health Unit at IITA, Nigeria, the other attendees-experts were; Dr. Ravi Khetarpal, Executive Secretary of APAARI in Thailand, Dr. Bonnie J. Furman Agric Officer at PGR-Agrobiodiversity FAO Rome, Dr. Charlotte Lusty Genebank Coordinator at Crop Trust, Germany, Dr. Radha Ranganatha from the International Seed Federation Switzerland and Dr.  Michael David Halewood from Bioversity International in Rome.