The Centre for Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT), Department of Soil Science, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam is organizing a training on “Culturing Techniques for Biofertilizers and Biopesticides” from November, 7-27, 2017. The course is designed for teachers/scientists in SAUs/ICAR Institutes in the ranks of Assistant Professor and above in the subjects- Agronomy/Soil Science/Plant Pathology/ Entomology/ Agricultural Microbiology/ Nematology or any other related subjects. The training course will cover the following areas-

  1. Isolation and characterization of symbiotic and non-symbiotic N2 fixing microorganisms.
  2. Isolation and characterization of P, K and Zn solubilizing microorganisms.
  3. Mass scale production of biofertilizer microbes and their quality control.
  4. Isolation, characterization and culturing techniques of different bio-agents for biopesticides.
  5. Commercial bio-formulation and its production techniques.
  6. Major steps in production process of biopesticides and quality control.

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