The Philippines has a long history with GM maize having been the first country in Asia to approve a GM crop for use as food and feed with Bt Maize in 2002. The country’s biosafety regulations were implemented in 1990 and investments for infrastructure for biotechnology date as far back as 1979.

Given the extensive history, this booklet can not be exhaustive. However, this material seeks to give the readers a window on the myriad factors that formed the story. While all transformation events of GM maize that have been commercialized to date have been owned by private corporations, various academic, professional, non-government organizations, and international groups have performed various roles in information sharing and capacity building on GM technology. One lesson from the Philippine experience is that a multi-sectoral effort is needed to facilitate the safe and responsible use of GM technology for development. To learn more, download your copy below:

GM Maize in Philippines (1734 downloads)