In 2019, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched two free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on CAPI using CSPro Android and Survey Solutions.

CAPI is a surveying technique that makes use of computers or handheld devices to display the questions to be asked by interviewers and to record the answers of the respondents. It is a viable alternative to pen-and-paper interviewing (PAPI). CAPI has emerged as a preferred option because it eliminates the need to digitize data and the quality of the collection method is improved.Given the success of the previous courses and the demand from learners, ADB has decided to launch a third round of the two MOOCs.

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DEADLINE: 5 March 2021

MOOC will be conducted from 15 March to 07 May 2021. The course will introduce learners to two free CAPI platforms:

(i) CSPro Android developed by the US Census Bureau
(ii) Survey Solutions designed by the World Bank

Through interactive modules, learners will not only pick up the basics of CAPI data collection, management, but will also be able to develop their own questionnaires and apply these skills to a wide variety of surveys.

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