Relevance : ‘Hunger’ and ‘thirst’ are common features in human’s daily life. There is a count of hungry people but it is difficult to count thirsty people. A short–term hunger and thirst could be managed but the long-term hunger and thirst of millions is a challenge to the nation and world. It is reported that 805 million people in the world are hungry.

Significance : It is recognised that nobody on earth can remain alive without food and equally it is true of the water. Eating food is incomplete without water, because of its definite biological processes. Food and water are bonded permanently, socially, physically, bio-chemically and nutritionally. Consumers tend to drink water whole of the day and sometimes during night which is more than food intake in terms of number. But we have heard more emphasis on food and less on drinking water, maybe, because we think it is easily and cheaply available. Under the present circumstances, it is not true, the drinking water is not easily available and where available it not safe to drink. Download the Newsletter HERE