The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) wishes to recruit an appropriately qualified person to the position of Partnership and Outreach Coordinator, to develop and implement the newly designed APAARI Partnership and Networking programme in collaboration with APAARI members, partners and stakeholders.

APAARI is a unique voluntary, membership-based, self-mandated, apolitical and multi-stakeholder organization in the Asia-Pacific region. It promotes and strengthens agri-food research and innovation systems through partnerships and collaboration, capacity development and advocacy for sustainable agricultural development in the region. Since its establishment in 1990, it has significantly contributed towards addressing agricultural research needs and enhancing food and nutritional security in the region. The close links, networks, partnerships and collaboration with stakeholders that APAARI has developed over the years, as well as its goodwill, authority and focus on results, make the Association a valuable actor in the region.  The ultimate aim of APAARI is to help in realizing sustainable development goals in Asia and the Pacific. For more details, please visit:

APAARI has its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. At present, it has a membership of 68 organizations/institutions, including NARIs and NAROs of several countries, CGIAR and other international research centres, universities, civil society organizations (NGOs and FOs) and private sector. The Partnership and Networking programme is the key area of APAARI for transformation of agri-food systems (AFS) and realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the Asia-Pacific region, by connecting multiple organizations and fostering partnership and networking  the  organizations such as   the private, public and civil society sectors by effectively linking them at local, national, sub-regional, regional and global levels to bring about large-scale change.

The position carries the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Reporting to the APAARI Executive Secretary, plan, coordinate and implement priority activities of the APAARI Partnership and Networking Programme.
  • Plan and undertake a series of awareness activities among APAARI members, agri-food research and innovation systems (AFRIS), partners and stakeholders  in the area of importance/scope of strengthening AFRIS for the development of agri-food systems and for them to encourage to commit and participate in collective actions and partnership efforts.
  • Scope and map primary stakeholders (such as NARIs, NAROs, policy bodies, global fora, higher education, CG centres, AIRCA, CSOs, farmer, women and youth organizations) to enable better targeting and stronger engagement in collective actions in terms of sharing of benefits, efforts and resources.
  • Contribute to the APAARI reform process through active involvement to make APAARI   a more diverse multi- stakeholder platform with equitability and inclusivity for all actors in AFRIS.
  • Plan and implement strategic partnerships and alliances between public, private and community organizations for effective resource mobilization, policy support, knowledge generation and sharing, technology transfer and innovations.
  • Facilitate platform and networking activities between and among sub-national, national, sub-regional, regional and global organization in strengthening Agri-food research and innovation systems and developing agri-food systems.
  • Identify and mobilise potential agencies and organization for soliciting and generating funding and partnership resources for help strengthening agri-food research and innovation systems.
  • Establish close liaison with national, regional and international partners and other stakeholders (such as the ASEAN, SAARC, SPC, ADB, APEC, FAO, UNESCAP, G20, COP 21, GFAR, regional fora) and initiate partnership activities with their support and engagement.
  • Initiate and organize partnership and alliance activities through various events/actions networking, dialogues, expert consultations, training programs and workshops, etc.
  • Bring out status reports, success stories, reviews, meeting reports and synthesis reports in line with designed work programmes and activities.
  • Participate in planning, implementing and monitoring and evaluation of APAARI programmes and activities
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by APAARI Executive Secretary.

Interested candidates with following qualifications are invited to apply:



1.     Post-Graduate degree (preferably Ph. D.) in agriculture, communication, public relations or related disciplines from a recognized university.

2.     At least 10 years of experience in one of the areas as research, development, liaison and communications.

3.     Adequate knowledge of national, regional and global organizations engaged in research technology and innovations in agriculture, agri-food systems, community and rural development

4.     Experience in compiling meeting reports, technical papers and partnership documents, legal understandings/agreements and communication materials.


  1. Significant contributions and abilities in the areas of developing partnership and alliances,  communications, and  resource mobilization,
  2. National /regional experience of coordinating partnership, alliances, development   programmes,   particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.
  3. Experience of organizing international/regional fora, workshops/expert consultations/meetings.

Place of posting: APAARI Office, FAO Annex Building, 202/1 Larn Luang Road, Pomprab Sattrupai District, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

Duration of appointment: Appointment will initially be for a period of three years with possibility of extension based on work performance.  Persons serving National Agricultural Research and Development Systems or other relevant research and development organizations having the required qualifications and experience are also eligible to come   on deputation provided their parent organizations are willing to retain their lien.

Salary and Allowances: Salary and allowances are negotiable and shall be commensurate with the qualifications and experience as relevant to the job requirements. The overall salary and benefits will approximate to the P3 level in international service. The salary will be paid in US dollars and will be tax free.

The application, comprising CV and a short cover letter should be addressed to the Interim Executive Secretary, APAARI ( and copied to Ms. Cel Bitong (  The application should include your mailing address including phone number, e-mail id, and a recent passport size photo. Three professional references with name, mailing address, e-mail and phone number should also be provided along with application. The deadline for receipt of applications is 24 March 2017. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

Bhag Mal
Interim Executive Secretary