Farming the smart way is the way to stay ahead of game. To keep up with future demand, planters and farmers will need to work in smarter ways to increase productivity. Given the lack of interest among local laborers to work in plantations and the difficulty in employing foreign workers in the near future, the plantation industry needs to undergo a paradigm shift from one that was heavily reliant on labor to mechanization.

Let’s move away from taking a blanket approach- the plantation industry has to be optimistic that in the long run technology innovation, mechanization and automation process will be the practical solution to improve its productivity and competitiveness.

Key benefits of attending the conference

  • Inspiring your lean management journey towards operational excellence
  • Targeting cost reduction with some of the latest performance excellence strategies from top manufacturing practitioners in Asia
  • Spearheading your plant performance and front line productivity with innovative waste elimination process
  • Developing predictive maintenance strategy with efficient condition monitoring technology to minimize your maintenance costs at your factories and plants
  • Maximizing your company profit with tried and tested Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) case studies
  • Reaping full potential of operational excellence with groundbreaking equipment efficiencies technologies to drive profitability

Topics to be covered in the conference

  • Session I: Mechanization in Asian agriculture
  • Session II: Optimizing the cost of production due to shortage of labor through mechanization
  • Session III: Latest palm oil harvesting techniques
  • Session IV: New technology innovation in agronomy and crop protection
  • Session V: Using new generation precision agriculture to drive profitability
  • Session VI: Mechanized irrigation: Improving irrigation technology
  • Session VII: Modern ultra-high density plantation (UHDP) technology to improve yields
  • Session VIII: Embracing technology to increase productivity and to stay competitive
  • Session IX: GIS mapping in modern plantation
  • Session X: Using mobile technology to monitor operations
  • Session XI: Using satellite images to manage fields
  • Session XII: Utilizing effective tools to measure and map our different levels of soil quality
  • Session XIII: Developing knowledge management systems in plantations
  • Session XIV: Development in IT technology to improve efficiency of estate operations
  • Session XV: Right sizing your plantation technology
  • Session XVI: GPS systems in fleet management to reduce risk of stolen crops

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