This publication showcases seven case studies: (i) Digital Green: Leverage social networks for agricultural extension (ii) e-Krishok: Making ICT work for farmers-a 360 degree ICT-enabled solution to empower farmers (iii) Adapting consumer technology to combat illegal fishing in Timor-Leste (iv) Mobile GAP Assessment System : New technology for family farms involved in quality assurance schemes (v) The revolutionary PRIDETM model by mKRISHI – empowering farmers to live with dignity (vi) Mobile Market Information Service: A Pilot project of ICT use for smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea (vii) Nano Ganesh – a revolutionary ICT tool for farm irrigation. APAARI in partnership with FAP RAP brought out this publication in September 2015.

Success Stories ICT FAO 2015 (3213 downloads)