Apple ranks fourth in production globally after banana, orange and grape. Commercially, it is the most important temperate fruit. India is ranked as fifth largest apple producing country in the world and second in terms of total area under apple cultivation. Plant tissue culture has revolutionized agriculture, horticulture and forestry. It has immense potential for uplifting the farmers’ income and agro-economy leading towards sustainable agriculture. It has been widely applied in horticultural crops like banana, pomegranate, apple, etc. Producing disease-free quality rootstock of apple has proven a great success for high density planting by increasing production and productivity. When tissue culture technology is coupled with quality management through effective indexing of viruses, it instils high level of confidence among apple growers. This will not only increase apple production but substantially increase income of apple growers also. This proven technology can be adopted by apple orchardists in other apple growing countries of Asia-Pacific region.


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