Biotechnology impacted millions of lives in the world. The technology has not been harnessed to its potential in the Asia Pacific Region (APR) except for Bt cotton dominant spread in countries such as India and Pakistan and GM maize in Philippines. Among the other crops, Bt brinjal and golden rice are in the initial stages of penetration and may take several years to reach status of Bt cotton for various reasons. Some of the countries in the region effectively used the technology in fisheries and animal sciences also. Few countries in the region have remained largely away from advancements in biotechnology due to policy constraints (Nepal and Bhutan) and lack of investments (Pacific). There is huge gap within the APR on utilisation of biotechnology to improve livelihoods of farmers. In this context APAARI took the lead in conducting a “Regional Expert Consultation on Agricultural Biotechnology – Scoping Partnership to Improve Livelihoods of Farmers in Asia-Pacific” in Bangkok, Thailand from 29-31 May 2018. Download the PDF here:  Agricultural Biotechnology - Country Status (1876 downloads)