Invites applications for the position of
(Executive Level 4 of PNG Public Service)

The Institute Council hereby invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the position of Director-General of NARI. The position will become available for occupancy immediately and is also open to Non-PNG Citizens.
The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) was established by an Act of National Parliament of Papua New Guinea in (PNG) in July 1996 as public-funded, statutory research organization, to conduct and foster applied, adaptive and development-oriented research into:

i) any branch of biological, physical and natural sciences related to agriculture;
ii) cultural and socioeconomic aspects of the agriculture sector, especially the smallholder agriculture; and
iii) matters relating to rural development and of relevance to Papua New Guinea.
NARI is responsible also for providing analytical, diagnostic and advisory services and up-to-date information to the agriculture sector in PNG.

The Institute’s Strategic Objective is to accomplish enhanced productivity, efficiency, stability and sustainability of the smallholder agriculture sector in the country so as to contribute to improved welfare of rural families and communities who depend wholly or partly on agriculture for their livelihoods. This is to be accomplished through NARI’s mission of promoting innovative agricultural development in PNG through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange. The Strategic Objective is being addressed through four programmes: i) Agricultural Systems, ii) Enabling Environment, iii) Information and Knowledge, and iv) Institutional Management and Development.

With its headquarters at Bubia, Ten Mile outside Lae, NARI’s regional research and development co-ordination centres are located at Aiyura in Eastern Highlands Province, Tambul in Western Highlands Province, Laloki in Central Province, Bubia in Morobe Province, Keravat in East New Britain Province; while NARI’s livestock research and development centre is at Labu in Morobe Province and its Chemistry Laboratory is located at Kilakila in Port Moresby. As an autonomous statutory organization funded by PNG government, the Institute is governed by the Institute Council.

NARI undertakes its research and information sharing activities in the major agro-ecological zones of the country. The total staff number of 413 comprises 143 professional and 270 ancillary staff, which is multicultural and multi-racial in composition. The Institute is fully established, well developed and effectively functioning with well-designed corporate plan (NARI Strategy and Results Framework: 2011-2020), strategic implementation plan (NARI Strategic Programme implementation Plan: 2012-2020), and project and activity implementation plans. NARI is recognized as of high relevance to development of PNG.

Besides grant funding from PNG government, the Institute attracts funds from a number of aid/donor agencies both in PNG and internationally. Also considerable funds are mobilized through competitive grants. NARI has a number of research and development activities in partnership with national, regional and global organizations such as universities and the private sector in PNG, SPC, ACIAR, AusAID, EU, APAARI, CGIAR Centers, and many other advanced research institutes.

Director-General is the Chief Executive and carries overall responsibility for the development and management of the Institute. He/she will lead a team, comprised of a deputy director-general, program directors, divisional managers, research and development coordinators, managers, scientific, technical and information staff in planning, developing and managing the research, information and technical programmes, human resources, finance, policy planning, statutory and corporate functions and public relations.

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