Join the GODAN Secretariat on Wednesday, November 29 at 2 pm GMT for a 1-hour Twitter chat. In celebration of reaching 600 partners, we invite everyone to discuss how the GODAN partnership network has impacted their organisation and their commitment to open data for agriculture and nutrition.

For partners who cannot attend and prefer to pre-schedule their Tweets, the following 6 questions will be asked in 10-minute intervals.

No registration necessary, just join us on the day using the hashtag #GODAN600

Tweet us at @godanSec if you plan to join in and we can send you a reminder Tweet before it starts!


Welcome and introduction: (begins at 14:00)

Question 1: Introduce yourself and your organisation to the rest of the GODAN partnership network (asked at  14:03)

Question 2: What has been your favourite memory as part of the GODAN network? (asked at 14:10)

Question 3: What success or challenges have you experienced with open data? (asked at 14:20)

Question 4: What other organizations have you met or are you working with, as a result of being a member of GODAN? (asked at 14:30)

Question 5: What has been the most useful experience in being a GODAN partner for yourself/your organisation? (asked at 14:40)

Question 6: What part of the world would especially benefit from open data for agriculture and nutrition? (asked at 14:50)

Wrap up and goodbyes: (concluding at 15:00)