Are you an individual, organisation, entrepreneur, startup, or research institution working on solutions (any form of science or innovation which provides a solution) for socioeconomic and environmental challenges in mountain communities?

If yes, this is your opportunity to submit your proposal to showcase your work and seek investment opportunities! ICIMOD’s Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS) conference and expo ‘Unlocking innovations and investments for green mountain economies’ is being held on 5–7 December 2022. Deadline for submitting proposals is 10 October 2022.

ICIMOD strives to identify, package, and demonstrate innovative and context-specific solutions for the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. Accordingly, selected proposals will showcase their solutions and deliver business pitches at the expo where we will assess scalability and select solutions for further investments and collaboration.

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About the event:

In collaboration with the Government of Nepal and GIZ, ICIMOD is hosting this international conference and expo to showcase innovative solutions and investment opportunities for the green mountain economy. The conference will take stock of existing solutions, assess their scalability, and select solutions for their scaling potential in the HKH region.

Alongside the conference, ICIMOD will be hosting a one-day expo (6 December 2022) where participants will demonstrate innovative solutions that build the resilience of communities, reduce risks of climate change, and promote green mountain economy.

The conference will bring together experts, public and private sector, international agencies, academia, community-based organisations, youth, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and developmental partners.