Dr Ravi Khetarpal, Executive Secretary and Dr Rishi Tyagi, Coordinator, Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology (APCoAB),  APAARI, had meeting with high level delegation of  Sri Lanka in embassy of Sri Lanka at Bangkok. Sri Lankan delegation comprised of Dr SDG Jayawardena, Chairman, Sri Lanka Council of Agricultural Research Policy (SLCARP), Ministry of Agriculture; Dr JDH Wijewardena, Secretary/Director, SLCARP; Dr Rohan Wijekoon, Director General of Agriculture. Mr Anil Sirimanna, First Secretary (Commerce), Embassy of Sri Lanka in Bangkok, Thailand, was also present during the discussion.

A detailed discussion was held to identify the common areas of interest in agriculture including agricultural biotechnology between APAARI and Sri Lanka to promote sustainable agriculture in Sri Lanka and countries. Recognizing the expertise developed in Sri Lanka particularly in knowledge management using ICT, agricultural biotechnology, and e-agriculture, how can the benefits be harnessed for the welfare of farmers in Asia-Pacific, was also discussed. Sri Lankan delegation requested for support of APAARI  in the area of bio pesticides and marine biodiversity.  Capacity building of various stakeholders for sustainable agriculture and policy development and advocacy were was also other areas where APAARI and national system of Sri Lanka may collaboration with each other.